Advanced Training


A 10% discount on advanced courses will be given if purchasing the entire 5 course Master series.
There is a $150 one-time registration fee. Complete information here


Advanced Brow Hair Strokes

Create the appearance of a more natural eyebrow by utilizing the newest needle configurations and 3D hair stroke techniques. Review face shape and determine the correct placement of brows.

Advanced Fashion Powder Brows

Fashion Powder Brows is the ultra-modern advanced technique of shaded eyebrows. Perfectly shaped lines in 1 or 2 shades that fade beautifully into each other for a soft, natural shaded brow. Once healed, Fashion Powder Brows look like a soft brow shadow behind the client’s naturally shaped brow.

Advanced Hybrid Pigmentation

Enhance and define brows with this new, cutting edge technique that combines the advantages of microblading with the benefits of modern micropigmentation. A soft look with a natural appearance is created.

Advanced Eyeliner

Update your eyeliner techniques by mastering color- layering and shading. Learn ways to reduce touch ups. Find out what needle configurations are recommended for eyeliner procedures. Learn facial analysis.

Advanced Full Lips

Discover the correct use of color combinations, needle configurations and lip techniques for achieving excellent results with just one treatment.

Certificate: after completing one of the advanced courses, you will receive a certificate that shows your skills in this field of experience.

Exam: after completing both the Fundamental Course and five Master Classes, you are invited to participate in the exam.

Title: once the exam is completed successfully you will receive the certificate and title Nouveau Contour Master in Micropigmentation.

Courses available in Spanish  Contact us for more details