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The Nouveau Contour USA Conference is a permanent makeup conference that will take place Saturday and Sunday on February 4th-5th, 2017.

This two-day event will offer you the opportunity to learn the newest techniques, to find out about the latest developments in the sector, and to network with other professionals. Your development as a professional is important for the success of your business. The Nouveau Contour USA Conference will provide a tremendous incentive for the development of every permanent makeup professional and is guaranteed to spark their enthusiasm. Leading experts will give demonstrations and presentations from which you can choose and compile your own personalized conference program with topics that interest you. It does not matter if you work alone or in a team. Our goal is to broaden your knowledge, strengthen your talent, and expand your business.

Certificates will be provided to attendees who complete the training at the conference and for those who attend the VIP class.



Mary Ritcherson | United States

Mary has worked in the Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa industry for over 19+ years as a Permanent Makeup Specialist/Owner, Spa Owner, Office Manager, Patient Care Coordinator, and Surgical Technologist from 1992 to present. She is also a licensed Facial & Skin Care Specialist. Mary was first introduced to the idea of permanent makeup by a highly respected local plastic surgeon after he noticed her artistic abilities. Since then, Mary has completed and received her certification in Permanent Makeup in August 2004 by a licensed school listed with the Department of Education. She is an international Master Trainer and offers Advanced classes for licensed professionals.

Topic | Hair Strokes Using Nano Needles

Create the appearance of a natural eyebrow by utilizing the newest Nano needle. Optimal utilization of the Nano needle allows the creation of natural eyebrows with crisp and defined hairlines. Learn how to construct and adapt your 3-D hair stroke techniques to get the finest results with the Nano needle.

Topic | Tips & Tricks

Having over 12+ years experience in the permanent makeup industry, Mary Ritcherson is an expert in creating realistic brows using her  NaturaLines technique. This technique is used to apply the pigments in hair-like strokes to mimic the appearance of real hair. In this class, Mary will provide tips and tricks on how to elegantly create and enhance a clients eyebrows.  Her NaturaLines technique benefits those lacking in fullness, depth and shape.

Joris Stevens | Belgium

Joris Stevens started with permanent make-up 13 years ago. Since then has trained many professionals in Belgium and the Netherlands. For five years he has been a trainer in the Middle East, mainly Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.  Through his experience and interaction with trainers from different countries and his work as a demonstrator on international beauty shows and seminars, Joris is an international expert in the field of micropigmentation. Since 2013, Joris is involved as International Master Educator at Nouveau Contour. As per the beginning of 2016, Joris is entitled as Research & Development director within the company. He is in charge of the development of new techniques, trainings and products for Nouveau Contour worldwide.

Topic | Needles & Techniques

It is imperative to choose the appropriate needle configuration for micropigmentation procedures. This ensures you are able to achieve the same quality throughout the entire procedure. In this class, Joris Stevens will teach you each needle configuration and provide assurance that you select the proper needle accordingly.

Topic | Build Your Brows

To create perfect brows, you need to understand the anatomy of brows, hair growth, shapes and the effect on the facial expression. In this workshop, you will not only learn all aspects of creating the perfect brow, but also the unique layering technique of hair stroke pigmentation. Joris Stevens will illustrate how one builds and crafts beautiful hair stroke brows. The flow of hairlines while securing perfect symmetry and synergy with the customer’s face will result in a balanced brow shape.

Rita Pelloni | Italy

Rita started her career in micropigmentation in Bologna, Italy, which gave her the opportunity to learn from great make-up artists. Over the years, her expertise was demanded for many eyebrow, lip and eyeliner pigmentations. Before she decided to take her eyebrow- and lip technique to the next level, she worked as a permanent make-up trainer in two prestigious Italian academies. Today, she is partner at Hollywood & Fashion and she owns a unique lips technique called iLips. This innovative technique gives lips color and light creating an exceptional illuminated and volume effect.

Topic | iLips

Innovative, illuminated & inspirational: iLips

With this technique, Rita Pelloni will demonstrate how to mix different colors on the lips in order to have a fashionable full lips effect with a unique illuminated and volume effect.  With or without outliner, the lips will appear to have a blend of bicolor shades. Rita plays with different colors depending of which effect and result she wants to have with her client. Results could be sophisticated, refined and elegant for mature clients or shinny colors for young women who dare to have happier and cheerful effects.

Gitana Vizgaitiene – Lithuania

Gitana Vizgaitiene has worked in a field of permanent make up for more than nine years. Today she is the head of the Lithuanian Professional Micropigmentation Centre and a teacher/coordinator of the Baltic States. Gitana always focuses on new techniques and is familiar with the latest micropigmentation innovations. Gitana is a well-known micropigmentation specialist in the Baltic region. As a speaker in conferences all around the world, she shares her experience with other permanent make up specialists.

Topic | Colorful Shading for Eyes

Eyeliner micropigmentation can deepen the color of the eyes, enhance their expressiveness and accentuate the face. The use of only black shades for eyeliner is no more: with Colorful Shading for Eyes, four or five colors are combined to create a smokey eyes-butterfly-eyeliner. This latest technique is an innovative solution for clients who want to freshen up a classic look with a playful style of eyeliner.

Majken Villefrance | Denmark

Majken Villefrance has more than 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. Primarily as a make-up artist and later also as a skintherapist / beautician and micropigmentist. Her experience as a make-up artist has given her a very highly trained eye for shapes and colors which she very much uses in her work with micropigmentation. Majken is the owner of Nouveau Art Clinic where she and her employees perform micropigmentation on a daily basis. Majken also serves as a consultant to other reputable clinics in Copenhagen and collaborates with surgeons and dermatologists concerning medical micropigmentation. As a distributor of Nouveau Contour in Denmark, Majken also operates as master trainer in micropigmentation and has her own training facilities in Qura Academy.

Topic | Fashion Powder Brows

The hair stroke technique has dominated the market in the recent years and today it is the most sought after treatment from customers.

For some clients, their decision is based on the fact that they believe that the alternative to hair strokes is dark solid block brows. But that is far from the only alternative, it is definitely possible to create truly beautiful natural shaded eyebrows, which heals beautifully and looks like an easy brow-shaping shadow behind the customer’s own brows.

It is the perfect alternative for those customers who do not have an optimal skin type for hair strokes or for customers who do not feel that hair strokes provide enough fill in the brow or simply for those customers who have seen the beautiful brows that can be made with this technique. We are positive that your customers will love the results you can create with the shadow techniques we will show during this demo!

Yvette Zacharowitz | South Africa

Yvette Zacharowitz is an International Master Intra Dermal Pigmentologist who has practiced her innovative skills worldwide for more than 15 years. Working in close conjunction with surgeons, oncologists and specialists. Yvette pioneered her own pain free implantation techniques to make this procedure less traumatic for the patient. Due to the increased demand for medical camouflage and reconstructive procedures Yvette was approached in 1999 by leading surgeons to devise techniques to assist in the aesthetic completion of breast reconstructions. Yvette developed her unique optical illusion techniques to create a realistic areola and nipple for these patients providing them with confidence and adding quality of life. Yvette continually consults with leading surgeons around the world.

Yvette resides in South Africa where she is a leading dermapigmentation expert, renowned for her quality work and seminars in this ever changing industry. By constantly striving to achieve better results Yvette is pioneering groundbreaking ways in camouflage and postoperative techniques.

Topic | Dermapigmentation: Areola Restoration for women after breast cancer

Many women must undergo mastectomy, which can require not only the removal of breast tissue, but nipple tissue as well. Often, breast cancer survivors are left with no areolas and areas of scarring in places where the surgery was performed. This often leads to some disfigurement that can be difficult to deal with. Many breast cancer survivors do not realize the options that they have, assuming their only solution is additional surgery for areola reconstruction. Plus, following mastectomy and breast reconstruction, often women do not want to deal with any more surgeries, or are not good candidates for grafts.

But today, mastectomy patients actually have non-surgical options for nipple reconstruction! With derma pigmentation the most natural look for areola reconstruction can be created, whether matching to remaining tissue or creating areolas bilaterally across the chest wall. Using pigment colors that mimic nature and which complement the remaining tissue and the overall color palette of the client. With over 20 years of experience in dermapigmentation, Yvette Zacharowitz has developed her unique optical illusion techniques to create a realistic areola and nipple. She is well known in medical and aesthetic circles for her medical camouflage and reconstructive procedures and continually consults with leading surgeons around the world to improve and refine this life changing procedure.

Wayne Shi | China

Wayne Shi is one of the most prominent experts in the field of permanent make-up for eyebrows and lips. It is no coincidence that he is President of Hong Kong International CICA Association of Esthetics, President of Gimmay International Group Limited, Chief Designer of UK Gimmay Color Make-up and Chief Consultant of RoyalSwiss International Cosmetic Plastic Institute. He has an exceptional record of knowledge and experience, particularly in the design of perfect eyebrows and lips. He brings Chinese Zen culture, the analysis of the character of the face and spiritual energy together for eyebrow and lip design which creates exclusive feminine beauty. Wayne is the permanent make-up specialist for many celebrities.

Topic | Hybrid Pigmentation

Hybrid pigmentation is a new, cutting edge technique for enhancing and defining brows. In this new procedure, the advantages of ancient Microblading techniques from the Far East are combined to the benefits of modern Micropigmentation. They have never been successfully combined together. Until now!

The best of both: Microblading allows to create crisp, fine lines at optimal depth with amazing results, where Micropigmentation gives the opportunity to add volume and texture to the ancient Microblading technique. With soft shading a softer look with natural appearance is created.

How microblading completes Micropigmentation and vice versa is presented to you during the demonstration of Hybrid Pigmentation. Make sure you get to know this new, innovative technique with amazing results!



The Nouveau Contour USA Conference will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 February 2017, in Orlando, Florida. The conference is being organized at the exciting Embassy Suites by Hilton Hotel. Expect to relax in a spacious two-room suite featuring a separate living room with a sofa bed & private bedroom. The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of the Orlando Eye Ferris wheel, the I-Drive 360 entertainment complex, museums, themed restaurants, bars, outlet malls, and tourist attractions.

Public transportation

The I-Ride trolley system operated by the International Drive Master Transit & Improvement District provides bus transportation along the I-Drive district primarily for tourists and convention attendees. Several Lynx public bus routes also serve the I-Drive area with routes to Orlando International Airport, Downtown Orlando and other parts of the city.

CLICK HERE to visit the Embassy Suites by Hilton to reserve your room!





Orlando is home to more than a dozen theme parks, museums, shows, and attractions you won’t find anywhere else. Watch unique performances and concerts at the Dr. Phillips Center or experience the nightlife in Downtown Orlando where the night is always young. Take a stroll through City Walk or Disney Springs to enjoy themed restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. Whether you’re exploring space at the Kennedy Space Center or solving puzzles among friends in The Escape Room, no matter where you are, there is always something to do in the beautiful city of Orlando.

Restaurants And Shopping

Dine like royalty at the various culturally diverse and one-of-a-kind restaurants Orlando has to offer. Food from around the world are cooked to perfection in unique flavors and served in unforgettable atmospheres. Finally, shop designer labels at Orlando’s Premium Outlets or at one of the city’s luxury malls, such as the Florida Mall or the Millennia Mall.



The Nouveau Contour USA Conference will host a grand, black-tie gala dinner on Saturday evening. The guest speakers at the Conference will be present at the dinner and, while enjoying a sumptuous four-course meal, you will be able to meet these leading experts from all over the world. The great atmosphere, luxury meal, good company and live entertainment will give you an unforgettable evening in Orlando, FL! Combine business and pleasure.
There are limited seats available, so book quickly!







Conference Ticket

The price is $495 per ticket and includes 2 days of demos, presentations and workshops. A valuable investment in your future and professionalism. The fee includes your selection from a wide range of appealing topics by international renowned experts, all snacks and drinks, a luxurious lunch on both conference days and the opportunity to grow your network.

Gala Dinner Ticket

The price is $99 per ticket for this exclusive black-tie event, which includes a four-course meal and live entertainment with the opportunity to dine with the guest speakers of the conference. The gala dinner will take place on Saturday, February 4th, at 7PM with the cocktail reception from 6:30PM- 7PM. Limited ticket availability.

VIP Ticket

The price is $995 per ticket for an all day VIP class with speaker Wayne Shi on Monday, Feb 6th, from 9AM-5PM. In this class, you will have the opportunity to learn at a one-on-one level where you can receive VIP training and coaching from world-renowned expert, Wayne Shi, on Hybrid Micropigmentation and Microblading. Very limited ticket availability.