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(Dec 2016)


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July Tips and Technique:
Chemo Therapy and permanent make-up

If your client is diagnosed with cancer and the chemo therapy has not been started yet, it is best to advise to do the permanent make-up for the brows and eyeliners before the chemo therapy starts. Keep the permanent make-up subtle and only use a hair stroke technique for the brows, because the natural hair will fall out and fully colored brows do not look natural without natural hair.

Once the therapy has started, permanent make-up is not permitted, as the resistance of the body is very low and the risk of infection or inflammation is high. During the chemo therapy your client will probably lose all hair, first on the head and later also the brows and lashes. Your client will not only feel physically bad, but also mentally challenged, because all natural accents on her face disappear. When the permanent make-up is done before the chemo therapy, she still will feel feminine.

If your client wants permanent make-up after the chemo therapy, always ask the permission of the doctor. The recovery time after chemo differs per person and you may not take the risk to perform the treatment too soon.

July 1

Nouveau Contour launch in China

At the end of May Nouveau Contour was officially launched in China by the division Wayne & Only of the Gimmay Group. Wayne Shi, president of the Gimmay Group organized a spectacular three-day event in the prestigious Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen for his 200 nationwide located distributors.

During this event Nouveau Contour was presented to the distributors and also the Permanent Make-Up World Conference 2013 got a lot of interest. A delegation of 15 participants from China have already registered for the conference in Amsterdam. We want to thank Wayne Shi and his staff for this very