VIP Training


VIP Guest: Rose Marie Beauchemin

Spring of 2018

VIP Guest: Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella

During this 2-day advanced expert training, students will learn Pigment Removal and Color Correction utilizing Rose Marie’s Pigment Removal technique.

Students will watch 1-2 live demonstrations from beginning to end by Rose Marie. During this training students will understand how Pigment Removal and Color Correction works, who is the best candidates for removal and correction, pigment and needle selection, and post care. They will learn color correction for gray, blue, black brows that clients are requesting.

Students will have the opportunity to work with Nouveau Contour Devices and needles on practice skins. Rose Marie and assistants will guide students step by step on this most requested procedure in permanent makeup today!

Breakfast and Lunch included.


VIP Guest: Mary Ritcherson

More details coming soon!

Breakfast and Lunch included.