Fundamental Training

Basic Fundamental

  • Theoretical Training
  • Practice on Artificial Mannequin
  • Practice with Real Models
  • Dinner Provided!
  • Receive your Certificate

Brow Fundamental

  • Theoretical Practice
  • Eyebrow micropigmentation techniques
  • Natural, Shaded and Hybrid Brows
  • Dinner Provided!
  • Receive your Certificate


Total Class Tuition – $4,995 + $150 (One-Time) Registration Fee All Materials Included

Courses available in Spanish

Part 1 

Pre-Study Manual (40 study hours)

Our Fundamental Training course, you will receive the Pre-Study Manual. The manual is intended for self-study and explains all of the basic concepts of micropigmentation, in addition to basic color theory. It is essential to properly study this book before the Fundamental Training Course can be initiated. Your pre-study manual is provided with completing registration and deposit for your class.

Part 2

Virtual Training (8 hours, schedule based on availability)

During this online training, students and teachers will have an itinerary of topics to discuss pre-/post-fundamental training. This day(s) will be scheduled by the Nouveau staff. Dates are to be determined.

Part 3

 Basic or Brow Fundamental Training (5 consecutive days)

In the Basic Fundamental Training, you will learn all the essential cosmetic micropigmentation techniques to apply shaded eyebrows, lash enhancement and lip liners. It will consist of 5 consecutive days with 57.5 hours, 8AM - 7:15PM

We also cover the Advance Training with more in depth techniques as Brow Hair Strokes, Fashion Powder Brows, Hybrid Pigmentation and Advanced Eyeliner. 

Focus Classes aim to increase in-depth knowledge and skills on specific subjects as Color Theory and Needling techniques 

Dermapigmentation training for working in the medical field that wish to add Medical Micropigmentation to their practice or office procedures.

Expert Classes are giving through our VIP Training Students will watch 1-2 live demonstrations from beginning to end by our special Guest

Become A Model

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