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Nouveau Contour is the leader in Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, which is one of the fastest growing specialties in the beauty industry. In all 34 countries where Nouveau Contour distributes, Nouveau Contour is the leading brand when it comes to micropigmentation, equipment, needles and pigments and training.



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Nouveau Contour Academy

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Nouveau Contour Academy

Training Programs

The objective of Nouveau Contour Academy is to provide the best quality education for our students.We will strive to develop you into a competent micropigmentation specialist in a safe educational environment.Our program is designed to ensure that you are prepared to meet all necessary requirements to become professional in the field of micropigmentation.

Train with experts

The Basic Fundamental course covers the manual, workbook, and practical “hands-on” model procedures. During 5 consecutive weekdays, you will learn all basic techniques. Course materials are also available in Spanish.

Best quality work

Advance Training will help you improve your skills, learn new techniques, evolve as a professional, and offer more diverse treatments to your clients.

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Learn more about Nouveau Contour training and products on permanent makeup. When it comes to micropigmentation training, equipment, needles, and pigments, Nouveau Contour is the leading brand!

Our Devices

New iQ

Meet the intelligent choice for micropigmentation and dermapigmentation We proudly present our Nouveau Contour iQ. The intelligent choice for micropigmentation and dermapigmentation. The minimalistic design is striking. The stainless-steel cover and smooth touch screen are modern, hygienic and efficient. The iQ combines proven technology with state-of-the-art design.

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