This 3-day class conducted in our facility is for individuals currently working in the medical field that wish to add Medical Micropigmentation to their practice or office procedures. In this course, you will learn micropigmentation in Areola Pigmentation and Skin Disorders.


Areola and Nipple Restoration

After women who have had breast reconstruction, most will choose to have the areola and nipple colored for a more natural appearance. This can be achieved with Medical Micropigmentation. If the woman chooses not to have the nipple reconstructed, she can choose a Micropigmentation procedure that will leave her with a 3D illusion effect of a natural looking areola and nipple.

Skin Disorder Camouflage

Skin disorders that are light in color and flat can be camouflaged long term by doing Medical Micropigmentation. Two to three treatments are required. Light skin tone colors are implanted into the scar tissue to minimize the appearance of the scar.



The curriculum for this class is as follow:

1 day - Cosmetic Areola pigmentation

1 day - Areola Dermapigmentation for women after breastcancer

1 day - Skin Disorder Dermapigmentation

Certificate: After completing each Dermapigmentation Class, you will receive a certificate that shows your skills in this field of experience.

Courses available in Spanish - Contact us for more details