Focus Classes


Focus Classes aim to increase in-depth knowledge and skills on specific subjects. Both Focus Classes and Advance Classes can be followed as desired after successful completion of the Fundamental Course

Color Theory

You will learn our color identification system to identify cool and warm undertones in the skin and in pigments. You can design a beautiful shape, but if the color is incorrect, your client will not be satisfied. Learn to choose the best pigment color for your client by attending our Color Theory Focus Class.

Needles and Techniques

It is imperative to choose the appropriate needle configuration for micropigmentation procedures. Our needles are especially designed to achieve the same quality throughout the entire procedure. This class will provide assurance that you understand each configuration and that you select the proper needle accordingly.

Advanced Brow Symmetry

Take your “eyebrow skills” to a higher level! Symmetry and shape are the key words for beautiful eyebrows. In this course, you will learn the ultimate technique to create perfect symmetric eyebrows.

Coaching: Individual Evaluation

This class is specifically designed to perfect and enhance your skills in micropigmentation. Bring your own models, and the instructor can evaluate technique and give suggestions as to how you can improve your procedures.

Successful Salon Marketing
Learn how to market, advertise, and brand your permanent makeup career.

Certificate: After completing one of the Focus Classes, you will receive a certificate that shows your skills in this field of experience.

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